I have an ice cream maker.  It is awesome.  I don’t actually use it for ice cream that much though.  I use it for frozen yogurt.

Not only is this frozen yogurt recipe a lot easier to make than a lot of ice creams, but (to me) it tastier (like addictive) and you can tell yourself it is healthier.  Not exactly low fat (and please don’t use low fat yogurt, it doesn’t taste right), but not full of eggs, heavy cream, a boatload of sugar, or weird additives.  It’s tart like yogurt.  You finish feeling happy and refreshed; not on a sugar high.


This recipe is from The Perfect Scoop by David Lebovitz.  It is the easiest recipe I tried from the book in my opinion the tastiest.  I like it so much, I make it every week! (Hint: Greek Gods makes a the perfect size for this http://www.greekgodsyogurt.com/html/yplain.php).

Basically, mix 3 cups of whole frozen GREEK yogurt (again not low fat!!!) with 3/4 C white sugar and 1 teaspoon of vanilla. He says to chill, but I’ve done it without and it’s been fine.  Add mixture to you machine and voila 15-20 minutes later (depending on the desire consistency and your actual ice cream maker model), you will have the best fro-yo ever.  Keep in mind 1.  with homemade frozen deserts, they taste best right after making  2.  it will be “soft serve” right after making  3.  this is still pretty good after putting in the freezer (just not as good), but keep in mind it takes a while (like 20-30 minutes) to thaw/get soft enough. Top with hipster seasonal fruit if you want.